I’ll get my coat…

I've been shamed into resurrecting my blog, partly by talking with some people in Barcelona at the Tech Ed:IT Forum event last month, and partly from chatting with some other Microsoft bloggers who have popular and interesting blogs... (people like Darren, Brett and Eileen).

I suppose the issue is that I don't read blogs all that often - or at least I haven't been doing so. Since switching to IE7 and Outlook 2007, I've been taking a bit more of an interest in the numerous RSS feeds that I must have configured at some point in the past. Also, I've been using pRSSReader on my Pocket PC for a wee while, and am starting to get the bug a bit more...

Anyway, I'll try to stay in touch a bit more now 🙂


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  1. Flaphead says:

    I use NewBreak from from Iliumsoft and it works fine.  I could do with some tweeks but is okay


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