How Nerdy are you?

I’m surprised that 73% of the respondents to the survey are considered more nerdy than me.  Maybe it’s because I hated maths at school … although I do own a T-shirt that says “There are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t“.  


360 degree amazement

So, I got PGR3 and Perfect Dark Zero for my XB360. Oh dear. What time is it again? 1am? Oh I really should go to bed now. PGR3 is predictably good – I loved both PGR1&2 and this is basically more of the same, though there are some notable absences from the cars list –…


Christmas Card lists

It’s that time of year when the postman delivers a bundle of cards every day, and every day I feel more & more guilty that I haven’t even started writing mine yet. This year I’ve already noticed that lost of “ordinary folk” are sending cards with printed address labels, which means I guess they’ve got…


XBOX 360 – first impressions

I ordered my XBox 360 form Amazon at the start of September, and it arrived the other day. I haven’t tried it on the big TV yet (still running a CRT so no dreams of HD for me, at least for a few months yet) but I want to put it in my study so…


Yet another Microsoft blogger

I’ve been on the road recently with the “Exchange Unplugged” tour with a bunch of other bloggers (Eileen, Jason, Allister and John) and was ribbed as being “so important he doesn’t have a blog”… so thought it was about time I started one 🙂 I’m a technology specialist in Microsoft UK’s “pre-sales” group (ie I spend…