How Nerdy are you?

I’m surprised that 73% of the respondents to the survey are considered more nerdy than me.  Maybe it’s because I hated maths at school … although I do own a T-shirt that says “There are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t”.  


360 degree amazement

So, I got PGR3 and Perfect Dark Zero for my XB360. Oh dear. What time is it again? 1am? Oh I really should go to bed now. PGR3 is predictably good – I loved both PGR1&2 and this is basically more of the same, though there are some notable absences from the cars list -…


Christmas Card lists

It’s that time of year when the postman delivers a bundle of cards every day, and every day I feel more & more guilty that I haven’t even started writing mine yet. This year I’ve already noticed that lost of “ordinary folk” are sending cards with printed address labels, which means I guess they’ve got…


XBOX 360 – first impressions

I ordered my XBox 360 form Amazon at the start of September, and it arrived the other day. I haven’t tried it on the big TV yet (still running a CRT so no dreams of HD for me, at least for a few months yet) but I want to put it in my study so…


Yet another Microsoft blogger

I’ve been on the road recently with the “Exchange Unplugged” tour with a bunch of other bloggers (Eileen, Jason, Allister and John) and was ribbed as being “so important he doesn’t have a blog”… so thought it was about time I started one 🙂 I’m a technology specialist in Microsoft UK’s “pre-sales” group (ie I spend…