Great timezone post over at EHLO

As a timezone fanatic, I can’t pass up an opportunity to link to this interesting post over at EHLO blog! It talks about the specifics around how to deal with calendaring behavior in Outlook in those countries where timezones adjust for daylight saving time at different times each year. Good stuff!


Breaking News on the Daylight Saving Time issue!

Breaking News at 9:55am PDT! Hehe, not really that important, I suppose. But can you tell it interests me? Someone (thanks Robert) pointed me to this article: (and this associated update as well: So, the compromise appears to be that we’re going to switch daylight saving time by adding ONE extra month (four weeks),…


Change to Daylight Saving time in the US?

Wow, so this is interesting: Evidently congress is/was considering changing Daylight Saving time in the upcoming “Energy Policy Act of 2005”. By this proposal, it would start in March and end in November instead of the current April->October. And yes, they did actually call it “Daylight Savings”. Ugh.  Here’s the relevant text from HR.6 (or easier to read,…


Microsoft Time Zone utility released

I never thought I’d be posting so much about timezones; but in that spirit, I’m going to create a category for it in case there are other posts: Microsoft released the Microsoft Time Zone utility back in April (download here) with the following description: Overview Do you have relatives that live far away? Do…


Uh oh, it’s Daylight Saving Time again!

If you read my post back in October, you already knew to set your clock ahead this morning. That’s good, as it means you’re probably also ready to start referring to everything in DST again. Here’s the short reminder for the rest of you. Today starts Daylight Saving Time in the United States. As of this…


Hooray for Eastern Standard Time!

Well, I’m back from vacation and thanks to this morning’s time change (at least in the US), very glad to be back into Eastern Standard Time! Warning: Timezone misunderstandings are a huge pet peeve of mine. Ask my friends. 🙂  This is the easy part of the year — the half of the year where no matter…