Using C# to get to MultiValuedProperty

Today’s post is to address a question we dealt with fairly recently through a customer escalation. The customer was trying to figure out the best way to programmatically get access to the entries in a MultiValuedProperty collection returned as part of an Exchange object. Specific example we’ll use here: Read in one or more mailbox…


Generating LDP Dumps from PowerShell

Back in my PSS days, it was a common data-gathering/troubleshooting technique to collect “LDP Dumps” (ie – full AD propertyname+value data for a given object) as a way of collecting data for a troubleshooting investigation. If you’re a really long-time Exchange administrator, just pretend I said “raw mode dump” and know that it’s effectively the…


Interact 2008 – April 8-10, 2008

I just heard that (Exchange VP) Terry’s going to be giving the keynote at Interact this year, and he’s promised the first real public details about ExchangeLabs! Sweet… this is exciting stuff! Plus — Robert and Andrew will be presenting the PowerShell Automation talk, so that alone makes the conference worthwhile, of course. 🙂


Nested DL Membership in Exchange 2007

Aeons ago, Vivek posted about how to get DL membership in Exchange 2007. He commented that “This can be adapted to do nested membership as well—I’ll leave it to you to figure out how.” At the time, I remember reading this and thinking briefly about how I’d do this, but never really sitting down and…


Using PowerShell + WMI to manage legacy Exchange

Dmitry blogs all about it here. I’d been meaning to write pretty much this very same post ever since I attended Devin’s talk on managing Legacy Exchange with PowerShell at ExchangeConnections last November this past April, so I’m glad to see Dmitry write it up!


Evan’s TechEd session video is posted

It turns out that my TechEd Exchange Scripting with PowerShell session was recorded to video, and now it’s available for all to download (no more having to provide TechEd credentials!). Link below on the session title to the video of my session and to the rest of the sessions they’ve just released! Microsoft Windows PowerShell…


DynamicDistributionGroup for all users in a particular storage group

Lots of people are asking lots of questions at the ExchangeNinjas wiki! Glad to see so much participation both from within the Exchange team and also from the broad Exchange community!! This question struck me as pretty interesting, so I figured I’d surface it on the blog as well as answering it (a few weeks…


Evan’s TechEd 2007 Wrapup

I realized this week that all of the sessions (and video recordings of each session — I didn’t even realize they were recording ALL of the sessions!) are available online. This means even if you ended up double-booked for two interesting sessions and had to choose just ONE in person, you can still review the…


Quest’s QAD Cmdlets

I’m generally very focused on Exchange and our PowerShell cmdlets, but I had an opportunity this week to attend a demo session for the Quest “ActiveRoles Management Shell” cmdlets, one of several PowerShell related tools from Quest. This suite of Cmdlets seems primarily targeted to supporting the Quest ActiveRoles server (their outboard provisioning system), but…


Validation (and DirectoryEntry) demo from TechEd 2007

I didn’t get a chance to do this demo in my Exchange Automation with PowerShell session at Teched 2007, mostly due to time. However, I had a conversation with someone prior to my talk and I said that I’d cover it at some point. Well, let’s cover it here in the blog and call it…