Permissions required for mailbox moves

Ross just posted a detailed view of the permissions required to do both cross-site and intra-site mailbox moves over at the EHLO blog: Great post if you’re looking for more info on what permissions your admin account will require to do the moves. If you don’t have all of the required permissions, for instance,…


Can’t run Exdeploy after installing W2k3 SP1?

Here’s an interesting problem: After you apply Windows 2003 SP1, the new security settings prevent running HTA files from a network share. So this means if you download the Exdeploy pack and dump it into a network share, it won’t work properly on a W2k3 SP1 server. The workaround, of course, is to put the…


Cross-site moves: The importance of proper ADC Connection Agreements

It’s now been about a year since Exchange 2003 SP1 released, and cross-site, mixed-mode mailbox moves were introduced. In that time, I think folks have really started to get the hang of how it works and what needs to be in place to ensure successful moves. That said, there’s one topic that I’ve seen popping…


Funky mail routing after cross-site mailbox moves

When you move mailboxes across mixed-mode site boundaries with the Exchange 2003 SP1 feature, there is a period of time where mail will have trouble routing properly to these moved mailboxes. There are a couple of ways you may see this presented, as I’ll discuss in this post. The most common case is the Non…


Couple of Interesting KBs

Here are a couple of interesting KBs that have come out or been updated recently: KB.884863 ( – “Update to Exchange 2000 Server adds application event logging for deletion of public folders” An additional feature that is related to public folder diagnostics logging is now available for Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server. When you use this…


Do my cross-site mailbox moves have to be from a 5.5 server?

Common question I’ve been getting lately is “does the source of a cross-site move with the Exchange 2003 SP1 functionality have to be a 5.5 server?”. The answer is no. You can move mailboxes cross-site if the mailbox is currently on 5.5, 2000, or 2003 servers… the biggest prerequisite in this area is that the…


Hotfix for scripted cross-site mixed-mode moves!

Thanks to Dave Howe for pointing out this newly released hotfix. With the release of KB.883652, it’s now possible to script cross-site mixed-mode moves based on the Exchange 2003 SP1 feature. Before applying this hotfix, if you are doing scripted moves with the MoveMailbox method of the IMailboxStore interface and you select a destination in a…


Cross site moves in Exchange Native Mode

Since I’ve posted a bunch of information on cross-site moves in mixed mode (using the Exchange 2003 SP1 feature), I’ve also had a number of folks ping me with questions about cross-site moves in Exchange native mode. There are a couple of points about these sorts of moves that are useful to understand: Cross AG…


KB.841765 Ex55 Post-Sp4 hotfix re-released

The “Exchange 5.5 Post-SP4 Rollup” (KB.841765) containing the DS/IS Hotfix required for Exchange 2003 SP1 Site Consolidation work (see my earlier posting) has been updated as of December 16, 2004. If you’ve been looking for it, you can now download the updated version here.