Using PowerShell + WMI to manage legacy Exchange

Dmitry blogs all about it here. I'd been meaning to write pretty much this very same post ever since I attended Devin's talk on managing Legacy Exchange with PowerShell at ExchangeConnections last November this past April, so I'm glad to see Dmitry write it up!

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  1. Anonymous says:

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  2. Devin – I’ll trust your memory on this one! 🙂

    That’s good too, since it means I’ve only been putting off writing this up for a couple of months and not nearly the whole year!

  3. Devin L. Ganger says:

    I think you mean this last April in Orlando…

  4. Techstarts says:

    Sorry, i have to comment for wrong post, but comments are disabled on the previous blog and I couldn’t resist myself to say THANKS Evan, after watching your session via link, I ended up provisioning Exchange 2007 in 15 min or 4 steps. Please do find suitable time to have a look at

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