TechEd 2007

Wow, time sure flies. No posts since end of April; sorry about that! I'm (more or less) caught back up at work from these crazy few weeks (months?) just passed, and I'm even just returning from a week vacation... raring to go!




So what's next? Well... this is a short week, and then next week (June 4-8) is TECHED in Orlando!


I'll be down there to spend some time at the Exchange booth ("Technical Learning Center") and meet some of you folks, and also to present a breakout session and chalk talk on Exchange automation/scripting with PowerShell!



Here are the session details:

UNC309 - Microsoft Windows PowerShell Scripting for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
: Unified Communications
Level: 300
Speaker(s): Evan Dodds

This session covers the new Windows PowerShell-based Exchange cmdline and scripting interface. Learn how to convert your multiple page Visual Basic and COM scripts to mere one-liners in Exchange 2007. We cover the basics of the management shell, as well as the underlying design and key concepts. Additionally, we go into more depth on how to build larger scripts that can be used to automate small, medium, as well as enterprise business scenarios.

This is a great deck/presentation with great demos, so it should definitely be fun! Hope to see you there!

Comments (3)

  1. Josh Maher says:

    Do we get a copy of the deck when your done?

  2. Josh – I’m not sure what stuff from TechEd gets published afterward.

  3. deannie says:

    I hope you can share highlights from TechEd with those of us who can’t go!

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