Cmdlet Insights at the Exchange Ninjas Wiki

Matthew Byrd has been providing some insight into a bunch of specific cmdlets at the Exchange Ninjas wiki over the last few weeks. The cool thing about what he's been doing is that he's identifying cmdlets where their usage may be hard to understand ("what is the right syntax for this one?") or those where there are some complicated scenarios around their use.

Then he's taking these cmdlets and breaking them down under headings like "gotchas" and some real-world details under "when to use". He provides some additional sample syntax to help with complex scenarios. A bit like the documentation, but with a twist and a little more depth in some cases!

Here's a great example of his take on one cmdlet with some complex scenarios: New-ExchangeCertificate

Please feel free to post details (or questions) for specific cmdlets that you find particularly useful or have some special scenario for use that might not be obvious from the documentation. Or even post details on the wiki if you've found some cmdlet particularly difficult to use. We'd love to grow this repository of shared knowledge, and it's a great way to communicate with the Exchange Team and the Exchange community!

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