Exchange Connections Spring 2007

I’ll be presenting at Exchange Connections (Spring/April 2007) conference at 9:30am on Monday, April 2nd, during “Microsoft Day”. Here’s the session abstract: EMS05: Managing Exchange Server 2007: The New Exchange Management Console and ShellEvan DoddsImagine having a toolset that is flexible enough to easily deploy and administer a single Exchange server and yet powerful enough to completely automate…


More Quota madness – this time MailboxStatistics

In the last post, I walked through how to get mailboxes who met certain quota criteria (including inheriting these values from the mailbox database values). Today, let’s cover this from a different perspective: “who is over their quota”. Sure, it’s possible to get this with a simple one-liner like: Get-MailboxStatistics | fl DisplayName,StorageLimitStatus But, in…


Quota madness

During my MVP Summit session the other day, we talked about mailbox quotas and PowerShell a bit. We ran out of time to do a full demo of some useful oneliners around quotas, but I figure it’ll be just as useful to go over the details here. Mailbox size quotas in Exchange 2007 work just…


Bill’s LDAP->OPATH filter conversion script gets posted

… over at EHLO team blog in this post. Bill’s been working on this one for a month or two, tweaking the conversion logic to make it as effective as possible. So if you are struggling with the manual steps I blogged about to convert your legacy LDAP EAP/AL/DDG filters into OPATH filter format for…


Alternative UPN Suffixes and New-Mailbox GUI

Someone asked me the other day about how to get additional UPN suffixes listed in the UPN suffix dropdown in New Mailbox GUI wizard. My initial instinct was the obvious: Add some additional AD domains to your forest and they’ll show up. Of course, this is not what this person was really asking… they wanted…


MVP Summit Exchange details

My earlier post about the MVP summit this week didn’t really talk much about the Exchange participation because I didn’t have the numbers. Thanks to Melissa’s post at EHLO, now we have the numbers! Approximately every 12-18 months, Microsoft invites the MVPs to Redmond for the MVP Global Summit. This year over 1700 MVPs will…


Solving the ViewEntireForest problem

In this recent post, I blogged about Scope and the ViewEntireForest property of $AdminSessionADSettings variable. In particular, one thing I said in passing bears a bit more explanation: When you’re in Forest scope, the admin session talks to a GC for all reads (to get the whole forest view), but does any writes back to…


Benp’s Guide to Stuff… Today, AD

Benp recently posted his “guide to stuff” on the topic of PowerShell manipulation of AD objects, focusing on the use of the [ADSI] wrapper and System.DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry. This is an area that is quite interesting to understand from an Exchange 2007 administration standpoint, since there are so many parts of Exchange that have ties to AD….


Cmdlet Insights at the Exchange Ninjas Wiki

Matthew Byrd has been providing some insight into a bunch of specific cmdlets at the Exchange Ninjas wiki over the last few weeks. The cool thing about what he’s been doing is that he’s identifying cmdlets where their usage may be hard to understand (“what is the right syntax for this one?”) or those where…


PowerShell access to System Folders

I’ve had a note in my “blog about me” file for a month or two to call out the way to access Exchange “System Folders” with PowerShell cmdlets. I just went out and looked and there appears to be a couple of websites/posts (and probably others) that have already mentioned this briefly in their examples,…