Powershell blog takes on booleans

More details about the “True”/”False” vs $true/$false behavior posted to the Powershell team blog (Boolean Values and Operators) over the weekend. I’m very relieved (“whew!”) to see they reached same conclusion as my Exchange-related blog post (When ‘false’ means $true), but with a bit more detail provided thanks to Jeffrey Snover.


Scriptacular Demo Pack 2007

Finally, I’m able to “scoop” the EHLO team blog on something. And all it took was Nino being OOF to vacation while I am not! 🙂 Last night Vivek posted the much-anticipated “Scriptacular Demo Pack” for Exchange Server 2007 to his blog. This is a great ZIP file with Powershell scripts you’ve proably seen Vivek…


When ‘false’ means $true

Recent customer question: “Why does it treat the boolean as ‘true’ when I explicitly entered ‘false’?”. This question is normally followed up by something like “This is obviously a bug since when I tell it ‘true’ works just fine.” Great real world example syntax that will exhibit this behavior would be setting a RecipientFilter to…


How many mailboxes on each of my mailbox databases?

Recent question across my mailbox: “How can I get a count of how many mailboxes are on each of my mailbox databases?” The simple answer is to use something like this: Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Group-Object Database | Format-Table Name, Count You can refine it further (with -Server parameter or some other Filter details), if you…


Evan presenting at Exchange Connections Fall 2006

I’ve arrived safely in Las Vegas for the Fall 2006 Exchange Connections conference. I’ll be presenting on Tuesday (Microsoft Day) a session about the new ITPro administration experience in Exchange 2007 — session EMS301. Here’s the abstract: EMS301: Exchange Server 2007: Giving the Administrator More ControlEvan DoddsIn this session, find out about the biggest changes for administrators…


Continuing with SysMgmt blog posts

If you’re not watching the EHLO (MS Exchange Team) blog, you’re missing some great Exchange 2007 Systems Management related blog posts! It’s been a while since I last posted the round-up of our SysMgmt posts here on my blog, but today let me bring you back up to date. Since that last post on September…


Centro is looking for beta testers

Kevin over at the SBS/Centro blog is looking for beta testers for this new product (which will include Exchange 2007, among other things). If you’re not familiar with Centro, or even if you are… have a look at the details in his blog post and let him know if you’re interested!


Bringing users and mailboxes together

Now, I can’t take credit for coming up with this solution, but thanks to Matt and Jon and Bruce for figuring out a great way to solve this problem! That out of the way, what is the problem we’re about to solve? Well, let’s suppose you want to use powershell to get back a result-set…


Exchange SWAG contest

Nino points out over on the EHLO blog that the “help others out with Exchange 2007 technical issues” contest scope has been extended to also include the Exchange Wiki. Be sure to head over to the Wiki and have a look for answers to any of your questions (and once you’re familar with the product…


I want to find all users on a particular storage group… part 2

Careful readers of my blog might have noticed that in my last post I alluded to some more detail on “drilling into the Database property directly”. Although I put together a couple of useful iterative ways to get to the filtered data they had asked for, some might still wonder… is there no way to get to…