Evicted your Exchange cluster node?

Jim McBee recounts a recent experience with this, and how forgetting to do a “setup /reinstall” on the cluster node led to Exchange thinking it was a beta/evaluation version of Exchange.

Excellent point to make: if you ever evict one of the (Exchange binary) nodes from the Exchange cluster, make sure you either reload the whole OS from scratch — including Exchange binaries — or, simply be sure to do “Setup /Reinstall” against the node after it’s been joined back to the cluster. When you evict the node with Exchange still on it, Exchange gets broken. The way to fix it is to force Exchange to run back through its setup.

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  1. tane1 says:

    Thanks for the headsup! Quick question if you have the time please. I need to reinstall Exchange on my cluster nodes as E2K3 was originally installed on 2x Domain Controllers which is a definate no-no. So I have moved all the mailboxes off the cluster, and was going to demote the servers to member servers, and then uninstall e2k3, then install again. Would I be fine to just demote, and then do a setup /reinstall then reinstall the service packs etc? many thanks in advance!


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