Microsoft Time Zone utility released

I never thought I’d be posting so much about timezones; but in that spirit, I’m going to create a category for it in case there are other posts:

Microsoft released the Microsoft Time Zone utility back in April (download here) with the following description:


Do you have relatives that live far away? Do you work with people from other countries? Use this simple utility to keep track of the time in other part of the world. Share your ideas without waking up your buddies. Microsoft Time Zone installs as a small tray icon that allows you to specify as many as five cities to watch the time on while you are working on your computer. In order to schedule meetings and trip the Microsoft Time Zone application also lets you compare times at different places in the world without changing your system time. With Microsoft Time Zone you will always know the time.

Comments (2)

  1. Hmm, interesting point. The one you and Adam link to is from last October and is cited as "version 2.1", while this one from April is called "version 2004". So that’s sort of strange. 🙂

    Filename is different too.

    In any case, I just pulled them both down and their digital signatures match… so I guess it is the same exact program!

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