Uh oh, it’s Daylight Saving Time again!

If you read my post back in October, you already knew to set your clock ahead this morning. That’s good, as it means you’re probably also ready to start referring to everything in DST again.

Here’s the short reminder for the rest of you. Today starts Daylight Saving Time in the United States. As of this morning, we are no longer in Standard Time (in the vast majority of the US). Couple of quick scenarios for example:

  • If your email signature says you work 9–5 EST, now is the time to change it (hint: EDT).
  • If your voicemail says you’ll be “returning to the office on Monday at 8am Pacific Standard Time”, you should fix it (hint: you’ll most likely be “returning to the office on Monday at 8am Pacific Daylight Time”).

Good luck, America! You can do it!

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