Exchange 12 and 64-bit

Great post over on EHLO blog about some of the reasons behind the “64-bit only” decision for Exchange 12.

Great timezone post over at EHLO

As a timezone fanatic, I can’t pass up an opportunity to link to this interesting post over at EHLO blog! It talks about the specifics around how to deal with calendaring behavior in Outlook in those countries where timezones adjust for daylight saving time at different times each year. Good stuff!

E2k3 Common Criteria certification

Updated November 15th – Exchange 2003 has received common criteria certification level (EAL 4 + Systematic Flaw Remediation)! Read more at:

Virtual Server Host Clustering Step-by-Step

A Step-by-step guide for using MSCS clusters to host Virtual Server guests was just released: Here’s the overview: Overview This document provides an introduction to the methods and concepts of Virtual Server host clustering. With Virtual Server host clustering, you can provide a wide variety of services through a small number of physical servers…

IMFv1 getting in the way of your SP2 upgrade?

I’ve seen a couple of questions about this since SP2 released, so I’ll give a shot at it. If you try to upgrade to E2k3 Sp2 on a server that has Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) version 1 installed, you’ll get this error message: “Service Pack 2 for Exchange Server 2003 includes an updated version of…


Upgrading to E2k3 SP2 cluster

There are a couple of important things I wanted to point out about the upgrade to E2k3 Sp2 on a cluster: Same process as the upgrade to E2k3 Sp1 Fixes broken virtual directories and other upgrade snafus IMF still not supported for use on cluster Ok, more detail on these three, as I’m sure the…


Updated Support Policy for E2k3 on hardware virtualization software

Changes to the support policy for Virtual Server: Please read the article for specific details (and there are some specific details!), but the short version is there are now some scenarios where this is a supported configuration.

Exchange Insider articles starting to trickle out

There are a number of the “Exchange Insider” articles starting to trickle out onto the TechCenter site at: In case you’re not familiar with these articles, they come from a weekly “tech bulletin” started a few years ago by one of the tech support leads in the Texas site. Over the years these weekly…

Best Practices for VSS w/ Exchange 2003 wp

Best Practices for Using Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) with Exchange Server 2003 white paper is out:

Running a bit behind…

Running a bit behind here on my blog postings, but (especially now that SP2 has released), I’m going to try to blast out a couple of posts that are sitting in my “to be posted” queue this morning.