Exchange Special Mailboxes Part 3 - SMTP mailbox

This post is the third post in a series. Special thanks to Scott Landry for his additions to this post. You may also be interested in the earlier SystemMailbox and System Attendant mailbox posts.   SMTP (servername-{guid}) mailbox What is it and what is it used for?   SMTP (servername-{guid}) mailbox is used by the mail transport…


Exchange Special Mailboxes Part 2 - System Attendant mailbox

This post is a follow-on post to the SystemMailbox post from last week. Here I’m talking about System Attendant mailbox in Exchange 200x.   System Attendant mailbox What is it and what is it used for?   Each Exchange 200x server has one (and hopefully only one) System Attendant mailbox. If the server has a…


Exchange Special Mailboxes Part 1 - System Mailbox

Every now and then, people ask about one (or all) of the system-related mailboxes on Exchange 2003 servers. There are actually three in particular that people frequently notice and confuse: SystemMailbox{guid}, System Attendant Mailbox, and SMTP (servername-{guid}) Mailbox. There are a bunch of common questions, which I will try to address in the next few…


KB.841765 Ex55 Post-Sp4 hotfix re-released

The “Exchange 5.5 Post-SP4 Rollup” (KB.841765) containing the DS/IS Hotfix required for Exchange 2003 SP1 Site Consolidation work (see my earlier posting) has been updated as of December 16, 2004. If you’ve been looking for it, you can now download the updated version here.


Evan gets a mention in Redmond Mag

Wow, this is a pretty cool scenario. I’m sitting on a plane, diligently reading my December 2004 Redmond Magazine. I flip the page and there’s an article on Exchange 2003 consolidation. Here’s where it gets good… Reading through the article by Bill Boswell, I think to myself – “wow, this sure sounds a lot like the…