So, a little-bit about me

I have been with Microsoft PSS on the Exchange Server support team for about 4 years. During this time, I have been a support engineer, a beta support engineer for Exchange 2000 SP3, and a Technical Lead.

My principle areas of Exchange expertise are the Admin interface, Setup/Deployment, Information Store, and Clustering/Reliability. Exchange Clustering is a particular interest of mine and I have written, cowritten, or technically reviewed several whitepapers and numerous KB articles on this subject. I've also presented several Technet webcasts and am a frequent contributor to the Microsoft.Public.* Newsgroups.

I am currently dedicated to the Exchange 2003 SP1 release, supporting problem investigation and escalations for our Technology Adoption Program customers as they validate the product.

Comments (3)

  1. Scott Galloway says:

    You know, I guessed you worked for Microsoft before I read the post…why do you all tend to start sentences with ‘So’? Anyway, welcome, looking forware to reading more about the mysterious Exchange…

  2. Chris Grace says:

    A friend of mine, Bill, sent me a link to this curious web log. Is this someones personal bulleting board?

    He sent me the link in response to some Exchange questions I have. I am trying to synchronize contacts stored in Exchange 2003 with a member list in a bulletin board system (vBulletin), and with the contact list in an email marketing program. I’m wondering how this would be done with Exchange, and if the Exchange API has any functions to make the synchronization easier.

    vBulletin is MySQL based, so I expect that could be hooked up to Exchange nicely. But the email marketing program I have found only has an import export feature (through the UI), and is web based. So another question is do you know a better email marketing system to hook up with Exchange. By an email marketing system, I mean something where you can set up an automated email campaign to clients and prospects, and track results.

  3. Benjamin Mateos says:

    I just got the TechNet article about your next Webcast about Exchange 2003 SP1.

    I already signed for it and I´m curious about the new tools available; Do you have any documentation available about SP1 for download ?

    Thanks in advance.



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