Windows Essential Business Server 2008 RTM

  I’d like to do two things right off the bat in this, my first, blog post here…    1) Announce that Windows Essential Business Server 2008 has reached RTM! (English now, more languages to come soon)   2) Extend my sincere gratitude to the many customers, MVPs, users, partners and enthusiasts that helped us…


Videos from WPC

EBS activities continue at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston this week.  Visit to see and hear partners in Houston discuss their thoughts and plans around EBS. For example, a video interview with Ed Correia of Sagacent Technologies is here, and an interview with Oliver Sommer of Trinity Computer (and and EBS car fame)…


The Management Server

Part of evaluating Windows Essential Business Server 2008 is about understanding how it all fits together.  As you hopefully know by now Essential Business Server 2008 runs on three Servers.  Today we’re going to cover what is actually installed on the management server and explain a little about its purpose. The Management Server is the…


EBS…a smooth ride.

Hi all, Joel Sider here, PR manager for Home Server, SBS and EBS.  I saw this today in SMB Nation and thought I’d share:  The world’s first EBS-branded car, courtesy of Trinity Computer in Germany.


Can’t get enough of EBS – hear what other bloggers have to say

Things continue to ramp up as the team is getting the product ready for launch: More people testing the product in production (Technical Adoption Program (TAP)) More people testing the product in their labs/non production (Techbeta – see my other blog on how to get on that) More conferences and event the product team is speaking…


EBS is a solid foundation for your line of business applications

  Essential Business Server will enhance the running and management of your line of business applications. We designed it that way. Sounds good, but how can that be true of a suite of infrastructure products? Let’s dive in and I’ll explain. A significant part of the purchase of a significant line of business (LOB) application…


Where can I get the bits?

I mentioned people running Essential Business Server live in my last post and want to answer a question I get often: How can I get the bits and play around with it? EBS is in a testing phase of the product right now.  Our near feature complete Beta 2 has been available to an invite…