Upgrading Your Servers? Consider Essential Business Server 2008.

[Today’s post comes to us courtesy of Becky Lymberis]

For many midsize businesses, a day in the IT department is often about putting out fires and running to users’ desktops to troubleshoot issues.  Problems like this are not uncommon; with fewer resources than their enterprise counterparts, managing and keeping an updated IT department is extremely challenging.  As the business needs evolve, servers tend to proliferate and suddenly the business is running on multiple versions, all with different tools to manage a complex environment. 

We wanted help midsize businesses get a great experience and high ROI from our software so we built Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (EBS), an all in one server suite that consolidates the core infrastructure into a more streamlined environment for greater manageability, improved security, and more predictability so IT can be more productive and less reactive.  

If the above is a familiar scenario for you or your customer and you’re considering a server upgrade for any reason, consider this; Essential Business Server 2008 will give you all of the features and value of the upgraded server whether it’s Exchange Server or Windows Server, but you’ll also have an environment that is simpler to manage.  There are features unique to EBS 2008 such as the unified management console to view and manage the IT environment, integrated management software with System Center Essentials, out of the box remote access with Remote Web Workplace, and added security with Forefront Threat Management Gateway and Forefront Security for Exchange.   It’s all set up to best practices (over 300+ pages – think of the time saved referencing those) - to reduce risk and increase predictability.

From a business decision maker’s perspective, it’s all upside because IT can really optimize operations to reduce costs, enable remote workers with the secure remote access capabilities of Remote Web Workplace, and overall be more secure with latest software and tools to help IT know the health of their environment at all times.  The outcome is improved uptime of critical applications.

If you’re interested in finding out more you can visit our product website, or you can try EBS 2008 for free.  We’d love to hear from you!  Please join the EBS community on Facebook or e-mail us with your pre-sales questions to askebs@microsoft.com.


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