Update Rollup 1 for EBS 2008 and Updated Preparation and Planning Wizards are Released

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Windows Essential Business Server 2008 & Preparation and Planning Wizards Update Rollup 1 have been released.

Update Rollup 1 for Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (KB961448) addresses the following issues:

Issue 1

You cannot install Management Server if all the following conditions are true:

  • The data location that is specified in the Management Server Installation Wizard contains obsolete Sysvol folders or NTDS folders.
  • Domain administrators do not have the permission to delete these folders.

If you run DCPromo from a command prompt when this problem occurs, you receive the following error message:

DCPromo process returned error code 54. Click on this text to find additional information.

To work around this problem without installing Update Rollup 1, follow these steps:

Manually delete these obsolete folders by using an account that has permission to delete these folders. To do this, follow these steps:

a. Click the link in the error message to open the log file.

b. Examine the log file for messages that show folders cannot be deleted because of the permission issue.

c. Press SHIFT+F10 to open a command prompt.

d. In the Command Prompt window, type Explorer, and then press ENTER.

e. In Windows Explorer, locate and then right-click a folder that you obtained from step 1b, and then click Properties.

f. In the Properties dialog box, click the Security tab.

g. On the Security tab, locate a user account that has permissions to delete this folder.

h. Use the user account from step g to log on to Windows.

i. Manually delete the folder from step e.

j. Repeat step 1e through step i to manually delete the rest of the folders from step b.

After deleting the folder, you must restart Management Server setup. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. In the Command Prompt window, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

    shutdown –r –t 0

    Note This command restarts the computer.

  2. Start the computer from the Essential Business Server 2008 Disc 2 (Management Server Installation DVD).
  3. Format the system partition of the current installation of the Essential Business Server 2008 Management Server.
  4. Follow the Installation Wizard’s prompts to complete Setup.

Issue 2

You can enter an incorrect certification authority (CA) name in the Management Server Installation Wizard. This could lead to certificate authentication failure.

Issue 3

After you reinstall Management Server, you can no longer use Internet Explorer to access the Internet on computers that are joined to the Windows EBS domain. This problem occurs even if you have configured Internet Explorer to automatically detect proxy settings.

Issue 4

You cannot install Security Server on a server if all the following conditions are true:

· The server is joined to another domain.

· The domain has a legacy Group Policy object that forces you to enable and apply Windows Firewall.

Issue 5

If several mailbox databases are mounted in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 on the server that is running Messaging Server, you cannot reinstall Messaging Server.

Issue 6

Some text in the Remote Web Workplace is not localized in non-English versions of Windows EBS 2008.
Note This issue does not affect the functionality of the Remote Web Workplace.

Issue 7

When you enter non-Latin characters for the name of the user in the Add New User Wizard, these non-Latin characters will be automatically used to create an account name for the user.

Update Rollup 1 for Windows Essential Business Server 2008 Preparation and Planning Wizards (KB961449) addresses the following issues:

Issue 1

When you use the Preparation Wizard to perform a health scan, you receive a "Health scan engine error" error. This problem occurs if one or more servers that are listed under the Default-First-Site-Name node do not contain the NTDS Settings node. When this problem occurs, the "System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectoryOperationException" error is logged in the Webs.bpa.Console.log file.

Issue 2

After you enter all the server names on the Plan network settings for the servers page, you enter the IP addresses. If you enter a value that is greater than 255 into any segment of an IP Address field, the Planning Wizard crashes.

Issue 3

This update rollup updates several error messages and troubleshooting instructions in the Windows Essential Business Server Preparation and Planning Wizards.

Issue 4

You remove Active Directory Domain Services from a domain controller so that it is now a member server. Then, you use a different host name to install Active Directory Domain Services on the same member server. When you run the Preparation Wizard, the WEBS.BPA.Console.exe executable cannot run.

Issue 5

You install the Microsoft Exchange 2007 Edge Transport role on a stand-alone server that is not joined to a domain. In this situation, you cannot run the Preparation Wizard.

For more Information, Please see:

Description of Update Rollup 1 for Windows Essential Business Server 2008


Description of Update Rollup 1 for Windows Essential Business Server Preparation and Planning Wizards


How to obtain this update: This update is available from the Microsoft Update Web site:  http://update.microsoft.com.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    242 Microsoft Team blogs searched, 98 blogs have new articles in the past 7 days. 254 new articles found

  2. BENNY says:

    Hi Team,

    Thanks for your effort for designing the wonderful wizard. However, if there were anything wrong, we can’t continue and the hard to get any support apart from Googling. Can you please also generate a migration guide exactly the same as what the Wizard will do for the unlucky users/administrators, so that we can trouble shoot and continue the installation if the Wizard failed.

    For example, I successfully finished the Management and security server installation, but when installing Messaging server, when it did the dcpromo, it says my directory service restore mode password is very weak, but I didn’t supply it during the installation and you r wizard didn’t check it before hand, then it failed with error code 42, and I couldn’t continue.

    To try again, by deleting the partition on the Messaging server, then it went to the point joining domain, keeps saying EMAIL1 in the Active directory, then I use shift-F10 to rename machine to EMAIL1 from the random name, then restart, and still can’t join domain, then shift-f10 again to do it manually. the wizard however let me through and checking environment.

    but even though I change the restore mode password to a super complex one on the existing DC, still get the error 42 :

    A delegation for this DNS server can not be created because the authorative parent zone cannot be found or it does not run Windows DNS server. To enable reliable DNS name resolution from outside the domain, .local, you should create a delegation to this DNS server manually in the parent zone. (How can I create a DNS server before the  wizard finished?)

    The directory server safe mode password does not meet the password complexity requirements of the password policy. Strong password requires a combination of upper case or lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Supply a stronger password. (who supplied the password anyway?)

    so I am totally stuck. can we carry on manually to finish off the exchange server setup without using the wizard?



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