Virtualized Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (EBS) to be featured in a Microsoft System Center Tools presentation at TechEd

John Joyner, a Microsoft MVP for Operations Manager and Senior Architect at ClearPointe, will be including Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (EBS) in the following presentation at Microsoft Tech·Ed North America 2009:


VIR306 Using Microsoft System Center Tools to Deliver Virtualization Management for Hosting and Service Providers on 5/14, room 502A, 2:45 PM to 4:00 PM.  Please attend if you can.


A portion of this talk features Windows Essential Business Server 2008 (EBS) with Hyper-V.  EBS is going to be one of two demo customer networks that will be shown managed by a service provider with OM 07 R2 and VMM 07 R2 frameworks (managed customer networks in untrusted/Internet-facing scenarios).


More detail from John: 


This network has 8 servers: the 3 EBS core servers which are VM’s, 5 physical servers, and some clients. All 3 EBS computers are Hyper-V guests of two Hyper-V server hosts. VMM 2008 R2 is deployed on an additional physical server in the EBS domain. Essentials 2007 on the EBS Management Server is in Service Provider mode, and an additional OM 07 R2 gateway is deployed on an additional physical server in the EBS domain. OM 07 R2 is providing a consolidated view of host and VM health from the service provider vantage point.


Session objectives:


1. Deploying OpsMgr and SCVMM Agents to multiple ‘un-trusted’ customer environments

2. Granting role-based security access to customers in OpsMgr and SCVMM

3. Creating tailored customer views in the OpsMgr Web Console and SCVMM Self Service Portal


The EBS-specific scenario would be a Microsoft customer that wants the advantages of EBS and virtualization from a service provider. The session prepares the audience to build the service provider framework, or partner with a downstream service provider, and deliver this service as an offering to customers.


Chuck Archer

EBS Senior Program Manager

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