EBS virtualized onto one Sun server

Sun is marketing a one-server, virtualized solution for EBS along with a 60-day trial and discount promotion.  Read a summary, get Sun's links, and see their video here.


Comments (6)

  1. Where is the list of all "appliance" (all EBS on one server) offerings? Thanks in advance.

  2. This picture above is a bit misleading isn’t it?  EBS requires x64 hardware and the Sun offering is an Intel one not an x86 one as the picture is depicting…

  3. Jeff, Which link is dead?  I just tested them.  Thanks, Chris

  4. Jeff L says:

    How wooden is that presenter? Oh and the link was dead when I tried it!

  5. Jeff25 says:

    Sorry Chris, should have made it clearer – the link Sun provided in the video was dead, not the link to the video that you provided!

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