Tom Shinder speaks on Threat Management Gateway and EBS

I’m sure many of you have at some point spent time on Dr Tom Shinder’s web site Recently I caught a blog post from Dr Tom which really captured why we did in fact include Forefront Threat Management Gateway.

He really hits the nail on the head here and talks about many of the things we considered when designing Windows Essential Business Server.

  • How to manage the edge
  • How to easily and securely publish applications to the Internet
  • Why it’s so important to track application data in and out of the organization
  • The complexities of ‘double NAT’
  • Threat Management
  • The importance in being secure out of the box

I recommend you take the time to read this article as it really does highlight some of the key thinking in the importance of TMG in EBS.  Enjoy!!

Nicholas King – Technical Product Manager

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