EBS releases new wizards to check your environment & plan a network upgrade

We have just released two new components of the EBS server setup and installation process.  We added a first step to setup – a downloadable tool that scans the existing environment looking for the top (91) configuration issues and server health issues that affect successful setup of new server roles.  This was modeled after what our top Customer Service engineers do for Microsoft’s top customers to resolve issues.  Because this will help mid sized business customers (25-300 PC environment) interested in upgrading to EBS as well as small, medium and larger customers considering any upgrade (or just wanting a healthier environment), we have made this tool available for the community to download and run for free.

The EBS Preparation Wizard scans the environment for configuration and health issue in:

· Active Directory

· Windows Server Networking (DNS, Network adapters, ..)

· Exchange

· System Center Essentials

· Windows Server Configuration (current service packs, HD space, …)

Additionally, another tool (in the download package) provides a second step of setup, planning the post installation network configuration.  Many administrators find the deep networking and security concepts and choices exposed only at network upgrades difficult to understand and make.  This tool provides an EBS specific guided wizard with easy to understand diagrams and choices to make informed decisions with confidence.

Both of these tools became available for download today on: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=E3906025-00E3-407D-BF5B-99D546021923&displaylang=en

The following review of Essential Business Server includes some screen shots from the two wizards (screen shots starting with "health scan results" through to "plan network settings"):


Have fun playing with the wizards and finding out just how solid your environments are 🙂

- Eric Watson, EBS Group Program Manager

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here is a new tidbit on the Preparation Wizard J . Since we announced it back in July , we have a lot

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looking for a cool way to check the health of your current network(s)? Well here's a free, yes that's

  3. Anonymous says:

    You Had Me At EHLO… : Where does the time go? -519 Jet_errLogSequenceEnd Microsoft Advanced Windows

  4. Anonymous says:

    Windows Essential Business Server Preparation and Planning Wizards – EBSWizards.msi

  5. Anonymous says:

    For those of you who are new to these tools, we’ve talked about the Preparation and Planning Wizards

  6. Pronichkin says:


    I tried to email you using the blog contact form, but received ‘550 5.1.1    User unknown’ reply. Sorry for writing here if you’re not the right people to ask.

    Today I’ve noticed that a new beta exam is available on Prometric’s site: ’71-654 – TS: Windows Essential Business Server 2008, Configuring’. But I can’t find even a little announcement anywhere. Is the exam beta really public? May I ask for a promo code for it?

    Thanks in advance,


  7. s.sullivan1 says:

    Hi Artem,

    Yes, we will have an EBS exam and training.  Look for a post on that today.

    -Eric Watson, EBS GPM

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