EBS VLOG Demo – Adding a new user

SliceStarting from today we’re introducing a series of short VLOGs to get you familiar with Essential Business Server 2008.  We like to refer to them as Demo Slices.

First up the add new user wizard.  We learnt a lot in our research about how a typical midsize organization worked and as you’re probably not surprised, getting consistent user accounts created was a real problem for a lot of organizations.  There was too much complexity to what we felt should be a unified task. 

Enter the add new user wizard – one of the few wizards in EBS (we like to think we connect and unify administration, hence very few wizards but more on that another post).

The goals of this wizard are;

  • Provide a consistent experience for creating new users
  • Give access to common variables that may change from user to user
  • Allow for quick repetitive provisioning within groups and common settings
  • Simply manage and assign licensing
  • Show real-time progress
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