EBS Keynote with Tom Kilroy – Intel Solutions Summit

Yesterday Windows Essential Business Server was included in the Intel Keynote at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.  Tom Kilroy the Vice President, General Manager for Digital Enterprise Group presented on solutions that enable Intel channel partners to better support SMB.  Windows Essential Business Server and the Intel Modular Server were showcased as the ideal 'business in a box' solution for SMB.

This is yet another exciting endorsement by our partners!

So why is this so exciting?

IMS ServerWell first up, Intel has a fantastic product in the Intel Modular Server.  Specifically designed for SMB, it boasts scalability, virtual environmental presence (great for remote administration), and a pooled storage model.  You can check more out on the Intel Modular Server here. For our channel partners this solution enables them a flexible platform to deliver to the broad range of customer needs today.  Pairing the Intel Modular Server with EBS creates a cost-effective, easily managed core infrastructure environment.  EBS taking only 3 blade spaces (or 4 if you buy Premium) out of the possible 6, means the IMS gives you the headroom to consolidate existing servers or grow your environment.

During the keynote we demonstrated several of the core features of EBS, from the unique System Health page to the context-sensitive console.  All of this allowing the administrator the flexibility to connect to the right full featured admin console at the right time should an alert require solution.

Also announced yesterday, an extensible plug-in designed by Intel that reports on the health IMS hardware, ensuring that admins have complete control and visibility. 

Watch this space!

Nicholas King - Technical Product Manager - Windows Server Solutions Group

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