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Essential Business Server will change the way people think about and manage technology at mid size companies.  So it's not suprising that we've grown to several thousand readers over the last few weeks.

I'd like to give you a quick view of what I'll be blogging about coming up and give you a chance to hear on your favorite topics.  In coming posts, I'll talk more about common topics people ask me about when I'm out at events (which is not that often, because we're hard at work here getting this product to you as quickly as possible :-)).  I'll discuss: How to choose between EBS and the next version of Small Business Server, some interesting technology design points of EBS like how AD is leveraged in a lot of what we do, and what we've learned about mid sized companies from having customers install and run EBS in production for the last four months.

But I'm also interested in what you'd like to hear about.  If you've got a question about EBS - technology implementation, migration, selling and supporting it as part of a VAP/consulting business, or any other topics - I'm happy to discuss them as well.  You can email myself and the team at ebsb@microsoft.com.  And you can always post comments here, of course.

 - Eric Watson

   Group Program Manager, EBS

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    We are budgeting and need to know if Centro can run as VM in Hyper-V and VSr2, thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    sorry, I just found this image:


    again, could you assert us at this point it will be supported? thanks a lot!

  3. Jason says:

    When I first heard of the EBS product I was very excited.  I was wondering if one could use HyperV on one large physical server to run all three EBS servers on it.  Will this be a recommended solution?

    P.S.  I sent this email to ebsb@microsoft.com and it bounced.  You better call the Helpdesk. 😉

  4. Marcelo Sauaf says:

    MS will support Centro running virtualized?

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