EBS for Partners – meet the team in Dallas at SMB Summit

EBS is a great product for IT admins in mid sized companies, but it also will have a huge impact on the way partners help mid sized companies.  Both infrastructure partners and Line of Business partners (who need to get the right infrastructure underneath their apps) will want to think about their business and opportunities different with EBS.

SMB Summit is a great opportunity to find out more about this and meet the team.  We will have program managers from my team there that have designed the setup/migration/configuration experience and the masterminds behind the unified administration console.  There will also be developers there that actually wrote parts of the product and our CSS people who have been helping our TAP (Technology Adoption Program - customers who run early bits in production and give feedback) customers.  We'll also have members of our marketing and partner team as well as VAPs already working with the product (our TAP customers) to talk about how to optimize your business around EBS.

The event is April 18-20 at the 4th Annual SMB Summit in Dallas. 

Topics will include:

  • Skill set needed for success

  • What’s in and not in the box (products, technologies, license rights)

  • Hardware requirements

  • Client and Server technology compatibility

  • Migration support

  • Training and certification plans

For more information, visit http://www.smbsummit.com/.

We'd love to see you there.

 - Eric Watson, EBS Group Program Manager

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