Tales of the Weird: Unable to Send TLS-Encrypted email to Office 365

Here is another case from the “Tales of the Weird and Unusual” bin at Microsoft Exchange Support.  This article includes a little bit of information from both the Office 365 and the Exchange On-Premise worlds, which is a little bit different as most of this blog focuses in solely on Exchange On-Premise. Over the last…


Tales of the Weird: One User Not Able to use any ActiveSync Device or OWA will not work.

It’s been a while, so here’s another case from the “Tales of the Weird and Unusual” bin at Microsoft Exchange Support.  I recently was working a case with a customer where they were having issues with one user syncing their ActiveSync device to Exchange.  They were an environment which was primarily on Exchange 2010, however…


Tales of the Weird: High Memory Utilization within Exchange Servers running on Windows Server 2016

Here is another case from the “Tales of the Weird and Unusual” bin at Microsoft Exchange Support.  Over the last couple of weeks we have seen a few cases where customers are reporting very high memory utilization within their Exchange 2016 environments, however the catch is all of these customers were running on Windows Server…


Tales of the weird: High CPU on Exchange when using CBA authentication

Here’s another one from the ‘Tales of the Weird and Unusual’ bin here at Microsoft Exchange Support.  We recently had a case where a customer was experiencing high CPU on their Exchange 2016 servers.  While experiencing high CPU on an Exchange environment can happen from time to time, in our case, the customer reported it started within 2…


Tales of the weird: OAB distribution failing

From ‘Tales of the Weird and Unusual’, we recently worked a long running incident where at customer was having issues with their OAB in Exchange 2010, and our customer was hoping we could do a blog article on it.  What we were finding is that the generation was working as expected, however it was the distribution point…


Cookies, OWA, Exchange 2016, and Third Party Software

Recently, we had a very interesting, long running case in Exchange.  This was a case where the symptoms had many Exchange Engineers scratching their heads and trying to figure out what was going on, and where. Symptoms:  Customer originally called in while having issues with OWA and Exchange 2016, with a 2010 Coexist while they transitioned.  In…


Odd behavior with OWA when sending data through a load balancer

One of my colleagues, Danny Pastuszynski and I,  recently had the privilege of working a very odd case for a customer of ours, and after discussing with the customer, they suggested I write a blog post on it.  So, here we go! Our customer was spinning up a new Exchange environment with multiple sites with…


Smart Forward on iOS devices, or “Why am I seeing so many calendar invites?”

Over the last several days, our Outlook and Exchange support teams have noted an increase in the number of cases opened where customers are seeing a calendar invite sent over and over again, even with no interaction on their devices.  Usually we will send our support article to our customers, but there have been questions…


Reasons why we ask for removal of third party software when troubleshooting Exchange

Over the last few months, we have seen an increase in the number of critical situations (referred to as CritSits) where third party software is causing issues within Exchange 2013 and 2016.  As an Exchange Engineer, we have seen several trends with many of these cases, and this blog post is to help ease the…


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