New book about Azure Web Sites (WAWS) by Tejaswi Redkar

If you were looking for a great way to learn about Azure Web Sites, you’re going to love the new book by Tejaswi Redkar. Tejaswi is colleague of mine and serves as Director of business products at Microsoft. He’s been around for quite a bit and is a leading expert on many topics, and that…


Installing ARR manually without WebPI

Microsoft’s Application Request Router (ARR) IIS Extension is a complex piece of software which integrates with several other components to do its job. These components are URL Rewrite, Web Farm Framework and ARR’s External Cache module. For things to work correctly, not only do you need all components, but they must also be installed in…


Make it FAST!

Going fast is always fun, but when it comes to your hardware, it could mean saving a lot of money on hardware and stretching your budget to the max. Software developers usually spend a lot of time and energy on making their product run as lean and efficient as possible, but ultimately, every customer uses…


New features in ARR (Application Request Routing) 3.0

Technorati Tags: IIS News Item Introduction Application Request Routing (ARR) is a proxy-based routing module that uses HTTP headers, server variables, and load balance algorithms to determine how to forward HTTP requests to content servers. The release of ARR 3.0 in July 2013 contains a few new features, as well as bug fixes. The following…


Certificates on the rebound

When Christopher Bullock wrote about the certainties in life in his book The Political History of the Devil, he probably should have added a 3rd certainty…that your certificates WILL expire and you’ll have to renew them. I think we can forgive that, as he wrote the book in 1726 and websites weren’t as popular as…


Perfect Secrecy in an imperfect world

While security is on everyone’s mind, some organization with higher than usual security requirements have had some concerns regarding the encryption used in web-based transactions. Everyone knows that SSL encryption is pretty much the default for any web-based connection that requires security, but SSL itself is about much more than simply “have it/don’t have it”….


New book about Windows Server 2012 R2!

My good buddy Mitch Tulloch just published a free eBook covering what’s new with Windows Server 2012 R2. The book has several pages covering IIS, and Mitch has done a terrific job covering it, as usual. The book is available to download for free here, if you’d like to take a peek. IIS is covered…


Application Request Router (ARR) 3.0 is here!

Good news, everyone! After a long time in Beta, ARR 3.0 is finally out and about. Thanks to tremendous work done by Jenny Lawrance from the IIS Dev team and Pandian Ramakrishnan from the IIS Test team, Application Request Router is here, and has some terrific new features. Head over to the blog post on…


Dynamic IP restrictions deny action settings.

Like most settings in IIS, the options for deny-action settings in Dynamic IP restrictions can be adjusted from the IIS UI, or via PowerShell. In the UI, this is how it looks like: However, if you tried to adjust this settings using PowerShell, you might find that the settings don’t appear to show up in…


Hook me up!

Who doesn’t LOVE reading log files? Probably those who have really busy servers that generate hundreds of mega-bytes of logs every minute. Even though the log format of IIS is standardized and many tools can parse them easily, this still presents three challenges: Even the best tools cannot process the logs in real time, because…