New Database Attach Core Upgrade Videos

One of the new additions we did for the Project Server 2010 TechNet content is to embed videos into the content.    The newest additions are of five new upgrade videos to the Database Attach Core Upgrade to Project Server 2010 TechNet article.  These videos add a lot of value to the online article by graphically describe concepts as well as demonstrating steps that are described within the content itself.   The five new videos added to the video include:

  • Overview
  • Prepare your data
  • Backup your Project Server 2007 databases
  • Restore your Project Server 2007 databases on the SQL Server hosting your Project Server 2010 installation
  • Create a PWA Instance from your restored Project Server 2007 databases

If you want to see additonal articles in which we embed videos, they are available in the following video sets:


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