Project 2010 Business Intelligence TechCenter

Being on the EPM UA team that creates and publishes the Project content on TechNet, I wanted to highlight the following announcement for those that may not have seen it yet:

We are pleased to announce a new TechCenter for Project 2010 focused on Business Intelligence! Based on the partner and customer feedback we are concentrating all technical information about BI in Project 2010 into one single location. The BI center currently offers number of Presentations, WebCasts links to blogs and technical articles as well as links to the “uber” BI center for SharePoint 2010. As you know we leverage the power of SharePoint 2010 in Project 2010 – this is especially true for reporting– if you want to learn basics about SharePoint 2010 BI – the BI center for SharePoint 2010 is your best bet. If you are looking for specific information for Project 2010 – e.g. how to set up BI, create and customize reports – the BI center for Project 2010 is the place to go!

Business Intelligence Resource Center for Project Server 2010 exists in context of the “uber” as per the following illustration:



Q: Is the content final or will it grow in the future?

A: The content of the BI Center for Project 2010 will continue to grow in the future as new content becomes available.

Q: Could I use Visio Services  to visualize Project data?

A: Absolutely – you can use Visio Services, Performance Point Services as well as Excel Services to build reports and data visualizations in Project 2010. We are working on specific materials for this as well.

Q: I have been using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in 2007 for data visualization. Could I continue using it in 2010?

A:  You can still continue using SSRS reports against 2010 with minimal changes. People often look for securing their SSRS reports based on Project Server security – check this out.



As always, we appreciate your feedback, so please feel free to email ( with your comments and questions.

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