Cleaning up a full recoverable items folder

I recently worked with an organization where one of their users had a full Recoverable Items folder. This user had a hold on their mailbox, but also had the Exchange Online Unlimited Archive, so why had the Recoverable Items folder filled up and why were these items not being moved to the online archive? Let’s…


Don’t forget about the security and compliance center

For those of you that are Exchange Online Protection veterans, it may be second nature to always head to the Exchange Online portal whenever you need to make any changes to that service. You may not even think of making those changes in the Security and Compliance Center. I’d like to throw out this quick…


Find AD Objects with an Incorrect TargetAddress

When you have a hybrid environment setup with Exchange Online, you’ll notice a new Accepted Domain in the Exchange Online portal. <domain> This domain is used by Exchange on-premises to route mail to a mailbox that has been migrated from Exchange on-premises to Exchange Online. After a mailbox is migrated from Exchange on-premises to Exchange…


Keep headers intact when forwarding a message

In my line of work, I am constantly requesting message samples from organizations so that I can analyze the headers. Whether an end user has received a message that they believe should have been marked as spam, or they receive a message that was marked as spam that should not have been, step one of…


Custom RBAC role to allow access to only the Action Center

If a user account has been compromised and used to send massive amounts of spam, Exchange Online will block the account from sending (if enabled, a notification email can be sent to administrators to alert them when this happens). Once the account password has been reset, the block can be lifted by an administrator from…


Upcoming Exchange Online connector changes pushed back

Today we announced that the connector changes that were planned for Exchange Online have now been pushed back from February 1st 2017 to July 5th 2017. These changes impact Exchange Online inbound connectors and require organizations with certain configurations to make changes and updates. The original blog post and KB article have both been updated…


Disclaimers and calendar invites

Rather than tease you with a witty, or even humorous opening paragraph, I’m going to instead jump right to the dessert. Because really, who doesn’t love dessert? As I recently discovered with an organization, adding disclaimers to calendar invite emails can cause problems and confusion for end users. When an individual shares their calendar, we…


Create a Custom Management Role for Granular Permissions in Exchange Online

Creating custom management roles can be very powerful, and they not nearly as complicated as one might think. Most clicks in Office 365 actually cause a PowerShell cmdlet to run in the background. With a custom management role, you can specify right down to which cmdlets you would like a user to have access to….


Interesting case where Exchange is not installed on-premises

I’ve recently been working on projects as opposed to cases, and so I haven’t had anything too exciting to write about lately. However, I recently worked a case that I found quite interesting and wanted to share it here. I believe this is an edge case, but makes for an interesting problem none the less….


Interesting Exchange Online articles from the year so far

After being out of the office for four months, there is a lot I need to catch up on! Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reading through articles going over what all has changed in Exchange Online and Office 365 during my time away (January to May of this year). I have complied…