Remote Desktop Connection Manager updated to v2.7

Remote Desktop Connection Manager, or RDC Man, is a wonderful piece of software that I’ve been using for the past eight years. RDC Man is one of those applications, like Outlook, that I open almost every single day and although not directly applicable to EOP or Exchange Online, it is applicable to most operations type…


Message Trace, the PowerShell Way

From my experience, a very small number of people actually choose PowerShell over the GUI (Graphical User Interface, ie. The Office 365 Portal). But once you get a grasp of PowerShell and write some scripts, you’ll see the light and going back to your old ways will be very hard. PowerShell has two big advantages….


Quarantine and PowerShell

The EOP online quarantine is a wonderful feature that can be easily managed through the Office 365 Portal. However, if you are looking for more functionality and flexibility with quarantine management, you’ll need to turn to PowerShell. Before I begin I have a quick disclaimer. The PowerShell scripts in this article are not official, nor…


Recipient Notifications

The ability to send a notification to the recipient when a transport rule triggers. This is a request that we have received from a lot of customers, and I’m happy to let you know that it is now rolling out in the form of an action in EOP transport rules. Sweet! Recipient Notifications Let’s say you…


Combating Display Name Spoofing

My lack of updates around these parts can be attributed to the craziness of work over the last few months. This afternoon I have some time and am typing this out as quickly as I can before someone notices and gives me something else to work on. Let’s begin. I’ve recently seen a very big…


The Common Attachment Types Filter

The Common Attachment Types Filter is a feature that was rolled out to Exchange Online earlier this year. If you haven’t opened your malware filter for a while, you may not even know this new filter is there! With this filter, you no longer need to create transport rules to block file types as attachments…


Best Practices for Finding Executable Content

UPDATE (October 14, 2016): We now recommend using the Common Attachment Types Filter to block file types as opposed to using transport rules. Take a look at my updated post, Common Attachment Types Filter, for more information on this new filter.   This article may be common knowledge for some, but it is important to…


Common Attachment Blocking (CAB) is coming to EOP

UPDATE: Common Attachment Blocking has been released in EOP as the Common Attachment Types Filter. See my new article, Common Attachment Types Filter, for more information on this feature.   The following article was written by Rob McCarthy who is a Business Program Manager for Readiness in Microsoft. We are happy to announce that Common…


On-Premises Delivery Failover

Organizations with on-premises mail environments often will have a primary site and at least one backup site. When Exchange Online Protection is being used to protect those on-premises mail environments, the ideal configuration would have EOP only delivering mail to the primary on-premises site, and only to the backup site if the primary site goes…


An Introduction to the new Spam Filter Allow and Block Lists

Rather than start this article with an appetizer, I’m going to switch things up and dive right into the meat and potatoes. Very soon, if not already, you will see two new entries in your Spam Filter in Exchange Online Protection, Allow Lists & Block Lists. As suggested by the name, this is a new…