Support Hot Topics – Strategies to Mitigate Phishing Attempts

Welcome to the first episode in a new series called Support Hot Topics for Exchange Online Protection. This series will consist of short videos which will each cover a trending topic relating to Exchange Online Protection. These videos are designed to give you a quick blast of information on a specific topic when you need to learn fast.

Being in the tier 3 support group for EOP, we are exposed to many cases and see a lot of trends in the topics that they target. The current thought is that we will put out a new episode when we see a new popular trend on the incoming EOP cases. The idea for this series was thought up by a college of mine, Deanna LaJambe. If you have ever called in to the EOP tier 3 support group, there’s a good chance you have spoken with one of us. Yes, we will send you a digital autograph.

We are very keen to hear feedback and want to know what you thought of this first episode. Have topics or ideas for future episodes? Leave all this feedback in the comments below.

Episode 1: Strategies to Mitigate Phishing Attempts

Phishing attacks are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated every day. These attacks typically hurt organizations financially, but can also hurt reputation when data is stolen. Almost all phishing attacks that we see use a method that SPF cannot detect. We need new means to detect these types of attacks beyond publishing a basic SPF record.

In this first episode, Deanna and I cover what phishing is, and discuss strategies (SPF, DMARC, and Transport Rules) that can help in mitigating these types of attacks. I'll apologize up front for the quiet audio in this clip. It was the first video we produced and didn't have the audio setup properly.

If you have problems with the embedded video, you can watch it directly on YouTube.


Using DMARC to Prevent Spoofing

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