Advanced Threat Protection

July 2015 Update: Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection is now available. See the product page for more information. 


 In case you missed it, we have something new coming to Exchange Online. Last week on Office Mechanics, Shobhit Sahay, technical product manager for the Office 365 team, introduced a new service coming to Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Advanced Threat Protection.

Advance Threat Protection (ATP) adds another layer of security and protection on top of EOP, targeting specific types of advanced threats.

ATP for Exchange Online provides the following benefits:

  • Protection against unknown malware and viruses by analyzing attachment behavior in a hypervisor environment before delivering them
  • Real time, time-of-click protection against malicious URLs that are not yet known by EOP
  • Rich reporting and tracing of URL click throughs

For more in-depth descriptions of the above, along with the Office Mechanics episode where Shobhit Sahay discusses this upcoming feature, please head over to our Office 365 blog posting, Introducing Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection.

I'll be writing more articles about this exciting new addition once it has launched later this year, the target being Q3 2015.

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  1. Hi Ken, it’s additive. ATP adds on to EOPs current feature set. The $2 would be added to what you currently pay per user per month.

  2. Ken says:

    Is this $2 service a replacement for EOP or additive? So $2 or $2+$1 per user per month?

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