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“Lunch Break” deleted scenes: How to Fix Flat-lining Productivity & Why Azure Stays Competitive

Today Season 3 starts to wrap up with the first in a pair of outtakes episodes – it’s all the best stuff we couldn’t fit into the other shows, but it’s just too good to leave on the cutting room floor. In this episode, I talk with Jim Fowler, (CIO, General Electric), Paul Fipps (CIO & EVP, Under...

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Microsoft Authenticator: Updates on our unexpected hit app!

Howdy folks! As many of you know, on Monday we released the updated Microsoft Authenticator apps in iTunes and Google Play Store. These new apps provide a single great MFA experience for both Azure AD and Microsoft consumer accounts. Now that we are through the initial launch, I thought it would be good to give...

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Microsoft Support for iOS and Android

Three years ago I was asked the same question pretty frequently – by both customers and media.  At the time, it was a legitimate question, but today it comes up very rarely.  The question was:  “Is Microsoft committed to supporting the Apple and Google platforms?” The frequency of that question changed dramatically on March 27,...

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A People-centric Approach to Mobile Device Management

It’s been a little while since I wrote about the work we are doing around the BYO and Consumerization trends – but this is an area I will be discussing much more often over the next several months. Consumerization is an area that is changing and moving quickly, and I believe the industry is also...

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Wow: Remote Desktop Goes Cross Platform!

As of yesterday afternoon, the Microsoft Remote Desktop App is available in the Android, iOS, and Mac stores (see screen shots below). There was a time, in the very recent past, when many thought something like this would never happen. If your company has users who work on iPads, Android, and Windows RT devices, you...

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