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#AzureAD: Certificate based authentication for iOS and Android now in preview!

Howdy folks, It seems like hardly a week goes by these days without a new story of leaked credentials, malware and phishing hitting the news. These stories make it super clear that in many ways, passwords are one of the most vulnerable parts of many security regimes. In Microsoft’s Identity Division, we are doing a...

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Microsoft Support for iOS and Android

Three years ago I was asked the same question pretty frequently – by both customers and media.  At the time, it was a legitimate question, but today it comes up very rarely.  The question was:  “Is Microsoft committed to supporting the Apple and Google platforms?” The frequency of that question changed dramatically on March 27,...

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The Endpoint Zone, Episode 15: How Avanade uses Intune MAM

This might be one of the most interesting episodes of The Endpoint Zone in a really long time. In episode 15, we spend 15 minutes talking with Joseph Paradi, from the consulting firm Avanade, about the expansive work his organization has done to deploy Intune MAM across the company for employees’ BYO iOS and Android devices — and...

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The Path to Modernizing Windows Management

Use of personal devices for work, as well as employees working outside the office, is changing how organizations manage devices. While certain parts of some organizations might require deep, granular control over devices, other organizations are embracing lighter, scenario-based management that empowers the modern workforce. Windows 10 continues the tradition of Windows delivering the best-managed...

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Looking Back and Moving Forward with Enterprise Mobility Suite – Beyond the BYOD Scenario

Looking Back and Moving Forward As we look back at our enterprise mobility vision, which is to help organizations enable their users to be productive on the devices they love, while protecting the company, we also need to move forward to a better future. Last week we announced Windows 10 for Enterprises and Windows Server...

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New webinar series: Six ways to address BYOD and the Cloud

BYOD, or “Bring Your Own Device” to work has been a rising trend that you may be familiar with. This onset of BYOD brings us to another rising trend, BYOC, or Bring Your Own Cloud, which presents IT professionals with a whole new series of challenges. So the question is, how can effective management of enterprise mobility...

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