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Update on new Cloud App Security discovery, investigation, and threat detection features

We believe in continuous innovation to bring you deeper visibility, better data control, and strong threat protection for your cloud apps. The Cloud App Security team provides frequent releases and continuously updates and enhances our solution. Today, we would like to share enhancements in discovery, investigation, and threat detection features with our recent release: Automatically...

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Cloud App Security new remediation feature

Require users to sign in again in case of suspicious behavior Real-time remediation for security threats is a key challenge for companies, where attackers can move quickly to access critical data. Cloud App Security team is excited to introduce a new feature for threat protection through integration with Azure Active Directory: when a suspicious user...

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Cloud App Security discovery enhancements

Visibility is the first step to protection: if you cannot see it, you cannot prevent it. Cloud App Security Shadow IT discovery capabilities help you to gain deeper visibility into your cloud environment by discovering more than 15K cloud apps used by your employees in your organization. We’re excited to show you two key enhancements...

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How Microsoft EMS can support you in your journey to EU GDPR compliance – part 4

How to gain visibility and control of data in cloud apps This post is authored by Rue Limones, Senior Program Manager, Cloud App Security Engineering Team. Checking in: Your Journey to GDPR Compliance In the whitepaper “Beginning Your GDPR Journey,” we introduce five key use case scenarios that are relevant to GDPR compliance where Microsoft...

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