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Azure Active Directory at Microsoft Build 2017

Hi everyone, Happy Build week! Every team in the Identity Division is focusing more than ever on making developers successful on our identity platform, so we’re really excited to share today’s news: Azure Active Directory B2C enhancements and the new Microsoft Authentication Libraries (MSAL), both available in preview. Azure Active Directory B2C: Super simple or...

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Azure Active Directory B2C is now generally available in North America

Today, I’m very excited to announce the General Availability of Azure AD B2C in North America. Azure AD B2C is a cloud identity service that enables you to stay connected with your consumers in a more secure, reliable and cost-effective manner compared to on-premises systems. Azure AD B2C is built on Azure Active Directory, the...

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More preview enhancements for Azure AD B2C

Hi folks, the Azure AD B2C team has been hard at work responding to feedback and adding capabilities to Azure AD B2C. Readers who visited us at the //build/ conference last month saw a few of these, but today the team is ready to share much more of their recent progress, including some great work on...

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Microsoft Identity at //build/ 2016

Hi everyone, happy //build/ week! First a quick introduction. Here in the Identity Division we’re focusing more than ever on making developers successful on our identity platform. From enterprises to startups to hobbyists, whether the software you’re writing is for sale or for use by your team. To further that focus, I’ve recently joined the...

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