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Cybersecurity attackers toolkit – what you need to know

Cyber attackers have many tools available to them to infiltrate an enterprise network, find that sensitive piece of data they’re looking for, and exfiltrate it from your enterprise. In conversations with customers, I’ve found that some are familiar with these tools; however, many aren’t, or they are not fully aware of how powerful these tools...

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Eliminating plaintext passwords with Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics using LDAP

I may be stating the obvious, but it’s incredibly important to identify applications, servers, and sensitive accounts that should be using encryption. What we find all too frequently, however, is that passwords are being sent in plaintext in most enterprises. Here’s what you need to know about identifying these vulnerabilities and, more importantly, how to...

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Why you need a cloud access security broker in addition to your firewall

In conversations with customers, a frequent question comes up that I thought I’d answer: why do I need a cloud access security broker (CASB) when I have my trusted firewall? A CASB will help you protect your cloud and SaaS apps from cybersecurity attacks, insider threats, and potential data loss. Firewalls vs CASB Firewalls are...

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Will Advanced Threat Analytics help me with all operating systems?

A frequent question I get from customers is, will Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) help me detect suspicious activity on my network, regardless of the operating systems in my environment? “YES!” is the short answer. Any user or entity that connects to the network via Active Directory (AD), queries the DNS servers, or authenticates with AD...

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Shadow IT– Learn how to get control now

Shadow IT is here and it’s a threat to your organization. What is Shadow IT? It’s when your employees use unapproved devices, SaaS apps, or any other type of technology – without your consent- for getting their work done. As the traditional solutions do not have visibility to users’ actions, unfortunately, Shadow IT is neglected or...

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Uncover insider threats, blind spots in your network with Advanced Threat Analytics

You’ve probably heard time and again that more than 63% of network intrusions are due to compromised user credentials. Once on the network, the adversary remains undetected for months. You’ve spent years building up your perimeter and have a comprehensive protection strategy in place. That said, attackers are still coming through and/or you are worried about...

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