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Perspectives on the New Intune Console

Earlier today we also announced Intune for Education – an administrative experience that is tailored for schools.  We are incredibly excited to share these new experiences with you, and I want to share some of the philosophy and architecture behind the experience we’ve built. It goes without saying that this is an exciting time for...

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“Lunch Break” deleted scenes, part 2: The Secret to Learning from Failure & What Future CIO’s Do Next

In the Season 3 finale of “Lunch Break,” these deleted scenes have me on the road with with Paul Fipps (CIO & EVP, Under Armour), Jim Fowler, (CIO, General Electric), and Mark Russinovich (CTO, Microsoft Azure), and Brad Strock (CIO, PayPal). Mark and I talk about what job to give Doc. Brown if you’re trying to staff...

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“Lunch Break” deleted scenes: How to Fix Flat-lining Productivity & Why Azure Stays Competitive

Today Season 3 starts to wrap up with the first in a pair of outtakes episodes – it’s all the best stuff we couldn’t fit into the other shows, but it’s just too good to leave on the cutting room floor. In this episode, I talk with Jim Fowler, (CIO, General Electric), Paul Fipps (CIO & EVP, Under...

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The CIO of PayPal Talks About Managing the IT Behind One of the Industry’s Most Famous Divorces

Today I start a really interesting conversation with Brad Strock, the CIO of PayPal. Brad has the distinction of executing a very rare feat in the field of IT:  Overseeing the unbelievably complex technical requirements that accompanied the divorce of PayPal and eBay.  Brad shares some great inside info on that process, as well as...

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Partnership Update:  Microsoft & Citrix

Ever since Microsoft and Citrix announced a significant reinvigoration to our long-standing partnership at Citrix Synergy in May, things have been very busy. At today’s Citrix Summit event, Scott Guthrie (the EVP of Microsoft’s Cloud + Enterprise organization and my boss) and Kirill Tatarinov (Citrix CEO and President) shared an update on the status of...

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