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Lululemon’s Corporate Technology Manager talks about Employee Discounts, How to Effectively Embrace Shadow IT, and Clicking Things 57 Times

In the second half of my conversation with Simon Cheng (Manager of Corporate Technology at Lululemon) we talk about how often he gets requests for discounts on Lululemon gear, as well as how his IT organization has structured their infrastructure to support the company’s culture and the needs of its workforce to operate in ways...

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Technology Manager at Lululemon Discusses Planning for a Mobile Workforce & Weighing Pros and Cons of Early Adoption

Simon Cheng is the Manager of Corporate Technology at Lululemon and he was nice enough to make the trip down from Vancouver so that we could drive around and ostensibly get lunch. The work Lululemon has done with their infrastructure is fascinating:  The IT team has built a network tailored to the needs of a...

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