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The New Intune and Conditional Access Admin Consoles are GA

There are a handful of topics that consistently come up whenever I meet with our customers and partners – and one of the most common has to do with how to balance productivity for end users with the need for security and control of company data.  The tension between these two needs is the stage...

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How Microsoft EMS can support you in your journey to EU GDPR compliance – Part 3

Granting and restricting access to data with Azure Active Directory This blog post is the latest in our series about how EMS can support you in your journey to EU GDPR compliance. We last looked at how Azure Information Protection helps keep your data protected, whether it’s stored on-premises or in the cloud. Today, I’m...

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How do your enterprise mobility and security solutions stack up?

Many of our customers have existing mobility and security solutions that are either legacy investments or focused point solutions that respond to specific needs—very few organizations are able to start from scratch. The complexity of coordinating multiple point solutions, combined with the leaner budgets and shrinking bandwidth of IT, can make it challenging to evaluate...

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Ping Access for Azure AD is now Generally Available (GA)!

Howdy folks, Many of you already use Azure AD Application Proxy to provide single sign-on (SSO) and secure remote access to your users for web applications hosted on-premises. However, some of you also need Azure AD Application Proxy to support on-premises apps that use headers for authentication. As you may remember from our public preview...

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Azure AD Conditional Access now supports Microsoft Teams & the Azure Portal

Howdy folks, Quick blog post today. Many of you have asked when you’ll be able to use Conditional Access policies with Microsoft Teams and the Azure Portal. I’m happy to let you know that support for both services is now available. Nitika Gupta from my team has written a blog post with the details. You’ll...

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How Microsoft EMS can support you in your journey to EU GDPR compliance – Part 2

How to provide persistent data protection on-premises and in the cloud In the previous blog we discussed the challenges and complexity that stored data, be it structured, logs, or unstructured data pose for GDPR compliance and how Microsoft EMS can help you address the key data protection challenges. As a part of our GDPR webcast,...

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Post Enterprise Mobility + Security Tweet Chat Q&A

A few weeks ago, the Enterprise Mobility Team hosted a Tweet Chat about managing mobility for Office365. It was great to have this dialogue with folks across our community, and a few people asked for our team to summarize the Q&A. So, here are the questions we received during the Tweet Chat. If you have...

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We’ve made the Azure AD App Proxy even better!

Howdy folks, I’ve blogged before about how the Azure AD Application Proxy is our “hidden gem”. Many of our customers don’t even know it exists, but once they discover it they LOVE it! It’s not uncommon for customers to have 300+ internal applications connected to it and one of our largest customers (a customers with...

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User provisioning from Workday to Azure AD is now in Public Preview!

Howdy folks, We have some great news to share today! Customers can now use the public preview of Azure Active Directory’s cloud-based user provisioning service to orchestrate user provisioning from Workday to Azure Active Directory, Windows Server Active Directory, and more! Since we began building our Workday integratios, we’ve worked hand in hand with our...

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Breaking down EMS Conditional Access: Part 3

This post is the third of a three-part series detailing Conditional Access from Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security. Today we are re-publishing the third installment with the white paper Protect your data at the front door with conditional access. Through this blog series, we’ve taken a closer look at conditional access with Enterprise Mobility +...

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