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Test your knowledge of Configuration Manager 2007 (yet again)

[Today’s post is provided by Rob Stack]  The Configuration Manager Information Experience (iX) team has just published an update to the Configuration Manager 2007 Quiz Application. The quizzes are a fun way to learn about some of the features in the product. Each quiz contains 10 questions that can be answered Yes or No. Regardless...

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How to restrict users from accessing local drives of an RD Session Host server while using RemoteApp programs

Hello, my name is Pankaj Pande and I would like to discuss a method that an administrator can use to keep users from storing files in public folders and scattering files randomly throughout a virtual machine pool or Remote Desktop Session Host (RD Session Host) server farm, while using Remote Desktop Services and RemoteApp programs....

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Configuration Manager Support Announcements for May 2011

[Today’s post comes from Harini Muralidharan]  We are announcing support changes for the following releases. Please look for these changes to be reflected in the Supported Configuration pages within a few months. Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 SP1 is now supported on Configuration Manager 2007 R3 with Configuration Manager 2007 SP2 System Center Configuration Manager 2007...

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Announcement: Configuration Manager Documentation Library Update for May 2011

[Today’s post is from the Configuration Manager Writing Team] The Configuration Manager 2007 documentation library and the Configuration Manager 2012 documentation library have been updated on the web and the latest content has Updated: May 1, 2011 at the top of the topic. This month’s updates incorporate customer feedback for Configuration Manager 2007, and some...

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Announcement: Update your System Center Online Authentication Certificate for Asset Intelligence

Update June 2015 This blog post has been superseded by http://blogs.technet.com/b/configmgrteam/archive/2015/06/09/announcement-update-your-sco-authentication-certificate-for-asset-intelligence-june-2015.aspx. [Yvette O’Meally has provided today’s post] When the Configuration Manager 2007 Asset Intelligence synchronization point first connects to System Center Online, it presents the System Center online authentication certificate to enroll in the service.  This is a public certificate that is used by all...

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Client Health in Configuration Manager 2012 Beta 2

[Today’s post is provided by Abraham Wang] It’s often the case that many customer-reported issues with a Configuration Manager feature are because the Configuration Manager client itself is not working, rather than a problem with the specific feature. However, it’s not always easy for administrators to know that this is the root cause and be...

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