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TS Gateway Certificates Part III: Connection Time Issues related to TS Gateway Certificates

This is the third and final part of our recent series on configuring certificates on TS Gateway. See also Part I and Part II Background TS clients authenticate TS Gateway server using server security certificates (X.509 format). TS Gateway passes the server security certificate to the clients during the SSL handshake process. During the SSL...

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TS Gateway Certificates Part II: How to deploy a certificate on TS Gateway

For information on why TS Gateway needs a certificate and which is the recommended certificate to use on TS Gateway, see the first post in this series. To deploy a certificate on TS Gateway server, you must have the server certificate (and private key) contained in a file. You must also have access to the...

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Introduction to TS Gateway Certificates

Why does TS Gateway need a certificate? A TS Gateway certificate is used for authentication and secure communication purposes by the TS clients. To appreciate the purpose of TS Gateway certificates, you will need to understand SSL communication. As illustrated in the following diagram and described in the steps below, a TS client launches an...

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