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Rumpo Venatus

The five or six people who have read my little bio snippet on Technet read that I like to play video games-specifically Xbox 360 games. I was doing just that the other night-playing Fallout 3-when my wife walked into the study to ask for help with all of the viruses which had just been detected...

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White paper: Application Readiness for TS

The ”TS Application Compatibility” Connect program is aimed at providing content and tools to address application compatibility issues and to enable you to readily deploy your applications on TS. Anyone can join the Connect program to learn about ensuring that an application is ready to be hosted on Terminal Services. A new whitepaper, “Application Readiness...

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Troubleshooting a Memory Leak in Lsass.exe

Although we have a team of engineers who are dedicated to troubleshooting general server performance related problems Microsoft Directory Services specialists are expected to be the “go to” people for Active Directory and domain controller related performance issues. This is especially true when the Lsass.exe process is noticed to be the using more resources than...

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