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Short Post…Domain Join

A common thing we need to deal with as Directory Services people is difficulty adding a client as a domain member, also known as ‘domain join’.  For Windows SKUs which support being a domain member this is the first step into having the computer take advantage of the authentication, centralized account administration and all that...

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CeeKwuhl and Kurbyeros

It’s been a while! Sorry for the delay since the last post.  It has been a hectic few weeks.  I’ve been temporarily assigned as a beta support person, which means that I have been working on Windows Vista and Longhorn Server, assisting with filed (and filing) bugs for seen behavior and design change requests. So...

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Terminal Services (TS) Remote Configuration Primer Part 1

  How to enable/disable TS connections remotely   Hello, my name is Soo Kuan Teo, I work on the Terminal Services Team. I would like to take this opportunity to begin sharing configuration features in TS. TS is about remotability. It allows users and administrators to access their computer resources remotely, just as if those...

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