Useful Enterprise Mobility Blogs

How to keep current in the world of Microsoft Enterprise Mobility? Below is a list of all the blogs I follow (I set them up as RSS feed in my Outlook).


Product Team Blogs

These blogs are the official communication channel from the product teams to the world. Often very detailed.

Active Directory Blog

The latest on Azure Active Directory.


Intune blog

The old one is here:


RMS blog


Office Blog

Surface Blog


Solution blogs

These blogs don’t focus as much on a specific product, but paint the whole picture when it comes to Microsoft’s vision.

Brad Anderson (CVP Enterprise Client & Mobility)’s blog

Enterprise Mobility Blog


Microsoft Field Employee blogs

Experiences from Microsoft field employees

Wouter Van Ranst

This is me. If you are on this page it means you already have the link. Bookmark it and make it your homepage.


Pieter Wigleven

Pieter is my go-to person when I’m stuck. Pieter was a PFE on Windows and he used to debug the NT kernel in his sleep. Pieter actually knows stuff. I just repeat what Pieter says.

His old blog (deprecated but still very useful):


Bjorn Axell

Bjorn is like Pieter but in Sweden. He built his blog back in 1988 and kept the layout. (Sorry Bjorn if you read this, but you have some work to do there Glimlach)


3rd Party Blogs

Below are some good blogs of people I work with here in Belgium. If you want to have your blog listed, send me an email.

Nico Sienaert

Tim De Keukelaere

What If

Not related to Enteprrise Mobilty in any way, but good to see you made it down here

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