Hyper-V Replica: Basic Monitoring Report

Earlier I covered what my Hyper-V Replica setup looks like in this post.  It’s basically four laptops on my coffee table, all part of the same AD domain. I created a number of VMs on the systems, and configured replication, including extended replication for a couple of the VMs, as per the picture below: Like…


Hyper-V Replica: The Value for Branch Deployments

OK, I’m going to ramble just a little bit here.  Before I dive deep into how I might monitor replication for a collection of Hyper-V hosts (this is without the benefits of System Center, which would be better, of course…just showing you how it works), I wanted to go over one of the awesome scenarios…


Hyper-V Replica: My Setup

Hi everyone!  Before I get too deep into playing around with Hyper-V Replica using Windows Server 2012 R2, I wanted to share with you my setup. I’m using my coffee table once again (like I did with my USB 3.0 Tiered Storage SAN), and I’ve created a Hyper-V test infrastructure based on a stack of…


Hyper-V Replica: Getting Started

I’m not going to walk through a basic setup of Hyper-V Replica – those are available all over the Internet. Many of these posts don’t remind you of some of the basics…like how to easily view / monitor replication.  Within Hyper-V Manager, you likely already see the “Status” of VMs – that column shows activity,…


Hyper-V Replica: Better Than DR, it’s Disaster Avoidance and Way More!

Hyper-V Replica was introduced in with Windows Server 2012, and is one of those transformational features that completely alters how disaster recovery planning (mundane) and implementation (formerly REALLY expensive) should be handled. I like to think that one of the “target” scenarios for Hyper-V Replica was disaster avoidance – rather than simply disaster recovery (DR)…


TechEd 2010 Sessions

I’ve been heads down on all sorts of things, including preparing for two sessions at TechEd next week. If you’re heading to New Orleans, be sure to check out these two sessions next week at TechEd in New Orleans covering mixed environments: Code Session Room Day Time WSV318 Living in a Mixed Environment: Integrating Your Heterogeneous…


We’ve Been Kindled!

I just got a copy of the second edition of our book in the mail (starts shipping next week!) and found out that there’s a Kindle version!  That’s cool!   In case you hadn’t noticed, Microsoft has upgraded our blog platform (lots of changes!).  This is kind of my test post for the updated backend….


Linux P2V With DD and VHDTool – EASY and CHEAP!

So I’ve been busy the last two week getting ready for TechEd (WAHOO!) where I’m co-presenting two sessions this year.  One of the sessions is all about Linux on Hyper-V.  To get ready, I’ve been working though lots of the common operational tasks including (as you know P2V) migrations. I mentioned to my buddy Alexander…


Calling a PowerShell Function

I’m back from lots of traveling (why I’ve had time to post a few things). I got a great question about my last post…how best to call a custom PowerShell function.  I’m not a PowerShell expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I do use it a good amount and I find it useful…


Hyper-V CPU Data Collection Script

I received an e-mail from someone looking for an electronic version of the VMCPU PowerShell reporting script I wrote for our book on Hyper-V, so I thought I would post it here (FYI the updated, 2nd edition is due out in a month or two!). I wrote to script to address CPU performance monitoring requirements…