New News … New Gig!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a LONG time, but I was super busy getting “all in”. 

I changed gears at Microsoft this Summer after my presentation at the Red Hat Summit – Microsoft has lots of credibility (and customers) in virtualization now, and I thought I was ready for new challenges.

I’m focusing once again on messaging (what I did BEFORE joining Microsoft) – specifically Microsoft Exchange and Unified Communications.  Voice and electronic communications are evolving rapidly, and I’m excited to be part of it – including things like the upcoming release of Microsoft Lync, the cool new archiving features in Exchange 2010 SP1, and the impact of all this cloud “stuff” on costs / day-to-day administration.

I’ll continue to post information about virtualization and Windows Server that I think may be valuable, but I’m certainly focused on messaging and collaboration these days. 

If you have any topics in this area you think I should dig into, let me know! 

Maybe I should write up details on Exchange Hosted Archiving and how it compares to what’s in Exchange already (and if you should keep paying for a 3rd party archiving tool!)?  What about how Lync provides telephony support?  Let me know!


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